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Winter leagues typically run September through April.
Summer leagues typically run May through August.

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2019-20 Winter Leagues

DayTimeLeagueTeam Openings
Monday 10:20 am Dons 4-Some 4 Open
Monday 11:50 am Foxy Seniors 4 Seniors Open
Monday 6:30 pm TNBA Mixed Handicap 5 Full
Monday 7:30 pm Moonbeam Trios 3 Full
Monday 7:35 pm Nikkei Mixed Fours 4 Full
Tuesday 9:00 am San Jose Nikkei Seniors 4 Nikkei Seniors Full
Tuesday 6:30 pm Glenns Friends 4 Full
Tuesday 6:45 pm Tuesday Mixers 4 Full
Tuesday 8:30 pm Ozzies Tuesday Trios 3 Open
Tuesday 9:00 pm Sansei Mixed 3 Full
Wednesday 9:30 am Never Strike Out 3 Ladies Open
Wednesday 11:00 am FOD Seniors 4 Seniors Full
Wednesday 3:00 pm LGSD 3 Full
Wednesday 6:30 pm Wild Cards 5 Full
Wednesday 9:00 pm Sansei League 3 Full
Thursday 9:25 am Newcomers 3 Ladies 3
Thursday 11:50 am Leisure Time Seniors 4 Seniors Open
Thursday 6:00 pm Merry Mixers 4 Full
Thursday 6:10 pm Thursday Mixers 4 Full
Thursday 9:00 pm Ohana 4 Full
Thursday 9:00 pm Match Point Scratch Classic 4 Match Point Full
Friday 6:30 pm Shirts & Skirts 4 8
Friday 8:00 pm Nikkei Mixed Trios 3 Full
Saturday 9:30 am Sleepyheads 4 Open
Saturday 9:30 am 4th Street A Juniors 4 Juniors Open
Saturday 9:30 am 4th Street B Juniors 3 Juniors Open
Sunday 12:00 am Lettermen 4 Full
Sunday 9:30 am Nisei Juniors B 3 Nikkei Juniors Open
Sunday 9:30 am Nisei Juniors A 4 Nikkei Juniors Open

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