The bowl is OPEN at a very limited capacity
9am to 11pm Daily

  • DO NOT enter the facility if you have COVID-19 symptoms
  • Maintain a MINIMUM six foot distance from others, including when in line
  • Sneeze and cough into a cloth or tissue or, if not available, into your elbow
  • Face Coverings REQUIRED to enter (except if 2 years of age or under OR if medically inadvisable)
  • DO NOT shake hands or engage in any unnecessary physical contact
  • Food is currently prohibited in the bowl

    Bowling Reservations

    Bowling Rates

    Monday-Friday 9am-5pm$30 per Lane per Hour
    Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm$35 per Lane per Hour
    Sunday-Thursday 5pm-11pm$40 per Lane per Hour
    Friday-Saturday 5pm-11pm$48 per Lane per Hour

    Maximum group size is six people total, not per lane. This includes any spectators


    The Billiards room is closed until further notice
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